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L.U.G. Con 2015

(Let Us Game: all day and night! RPG Convention Online)

June 5 - 7, 2015

on Google+ Communities, Hangouts, and Pages

Free Online Gaming Con! Let’s Game all day and night for a week!

LUG Con is holding another convention in 2015. We are gaming, talking, sharing ideas and fun with as many people online as possible. RPG conventions are a great place to meet others with similar interest. Even if you have a regular gaming group this is an excellent place to find another person to join your group. Meet gamemasters with different styles or settings than you are used too. Try a new game or watch others recorded play. LUG Con happens around the world and saves everyone tons of money in travelling fees. No luggage to carry and you get the comforts of home.

LUG Con will have all kinds of game systems for you to try out. We don’t limit our convention we accept supers, zombies, fantasy, gmless. Whatever you can image we will allow you to host. Game designers are around for you to talk with. Industry people pop in from time to time looking for gamers to try their settings. LUG Con tries to record as much video as possible so you can share in the gaming experience even if you missed the session. LUG Con has playlist from past conventions on YouTube. Take some time to look around. 

One thing that is different about L.U.G. Con is that events will be broadcasted and recorded. The recorded games and panels will be loaded to YouTube as a playlist that people can access later. 

How to join L.U.G. Con 2015 ! ? !

  1. Join our community

  2. Follow our Google+ Page

  3. Vendors post products under “Vendor” community topic or email us and we can add your products to our website section.

What L.U.G. Con is featuring?

What L.U.G. Con is not featuring?

  • politics

  • sports (unless it’s Blood Bowl or similar games)

  • bad hygiene - no con-gamer stench here!

  • Hatred and Negativity

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