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Title of the G+ Event
Another fine Mess

Game or Panel?:

Game Time for the LUG Con:
Saturday, 9/21/2013 @ 12:00 pm, CEST

Event host timezone:
CEST (Central European Summer Time, GMT +2)

Game Running Time:
4 hours

Rules System:

The Master has gotten himself into another fine mess – captured by an evil sorcerer! What can you – mere animals – do?
Why, lots! Shadow the cat knows where the Master was captured. Reek the ferret is a contortionist and has a magic twig! Penny the falcon is fearless, while Midnight, the master’s steed, has strength and speed aplenty. Isabelle the bloodhound can track a scent anywhere.Barney is a strong, loyal, agile dog for whom most obstacles prove mere annoyances. Bandit the ‘coon is clever with his paws – very clever. And Anaxagoras the owl is in training to be a wizard!
Players (minimum-maximum):

Preferred player knowledge of the rule system:
Beginners welcome!

Minimum Maturity Level:
E: Everyone, Players of all ages and species welcome (no weasels)

Will pre-gen characters be provided?:

Important Links:
* Official page:
* Review:
* System Rules:

Host contact email:

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